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We love to walk however....

by Rpierro, 05 Nov 2018

We walk on flat trails due to my husband's knee - we love Dry Creek, Coot Lake, Boulder Reservoir area, Twin Lakes, CU South and the neighborhoods.  It's good for the mind, and our 2 dogs.  Lately since we have a disabled dog, we've been staying around the neighborhood, but unfortunately we can't walk any of the trails that Bikes are on, like the Boulder Creek Path, or anything attached to it. Therefore we try to stay on sidewalks.  We wish that Bicyclists would learn to announce themselves when coming up on us, but we've done our own studies and found that less than 10% do so.  It is just too dangerous on the multi use trails around Boulder because of this.The other day I was hiking down from the hogback trail that meets the foothills trail with a friend when a bicyclist came up behind my friend who was directly behind me.  She only heard rustling and fearing it was an animal, let out a blood curdling scream. This scared the bicyclist so much he fell and the handle bars went into his belly.  If he had only said "coming up behind you" it would have prevented this. We were all too shook up to have a logical conversation with him about this.

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