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Nora's Story - Walking New Miles

by Darcy Kitching, 27 Nov 2018

[Story collected in a personal interview. Nora is a member of the City of Boulder's Pedestrian Advisory Committee.]

"I need to move - I’m a high-energy person, and walking is very relaxing for me, even meditative. I moved to Boulder in August 2017 and started walking with Walk2Connect and Meetup groups. Every time I go out for a walk, I get to know someone new in the community, and I really like that.

"I moved here from a rural neighborhood developed around a one-mile circle. I walked that same mile for 16 years. I would occasionally go to Barr Lake or the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, but for the most part, I walked that same mile. When I got to Boulder and discovered all of the natural diversity and trails, I couldn’t believe I had spent 16 years walking in a one-mile circle. Now, I’m walking different miles all the time! I’m totally digging exploring Boulder. This year, I did the 26-mile Walk 360 and I go hiking regularly with friends.

"I live around 55th and Baseline, so I feel like I’m far away from many of the places I need to go in Boulder. Where I came from, we didn’t have bus service, so I’m not really comfortable using the bus. I need to get to the point where I can figure out all of the logistics - how would I carry the groceries if I walked to the store? I just walk for pleasure right now, not really for transportation. But being new to Boulder, I’m finding that the traffic isn’t fun! I find myself stuck in rush-hour traffic, and I think, there has to be another way. I’m motivated to find alternative modes of transportation, but I also have three kids who need help getting places. If I took the bus, I’d have to take my 10- 14- and 15-year-olds with me. My younger ones are happy walking to school and to friends' houses, but my 15-year-old goes to Fairview, which is farther away. When I first moved to Boulder, I would drop her off and walk around the lake at Harlow Platts Park. I love the water - it's very soothing for me."

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