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Criteria and priorities

Hi! This questionnaire gives you a chance share your input on the criteria the city will use when evaluating investment options.

We're also seeking your thoughts about waste materials that could be re-used or recycled if we get creative together, and industry types that might best use this space.

It should take about five minutes to complete.

Purpose of this questionnaire
The City of Boulder aims to inspire businesses and individuals to create something new and useful out of a material that would have otherwise been wasted. This site already serves the community’s zero waste needs through existing nonprofits, but now the city is considering expanding activities at the site to include a business services development center for companies or entrepreneurial individuals who are exploring a “circular economy.” A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional, linear (take -> make -> dispose ) economy. In a circular economy, materials are kept in use for as long as possible. We're in a period of community brainstorming. That means, we need you!
Let's start first with the draft criteria that the city plans to use when evaluating future investment ideas at this site. The first five are all from the Zero Waste Strategic Plan; the last is an additional criteria deemed important for this site.
• Waste Diversion Potential • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential • Community Involvement and Engagement • Source Reduction/Reuse potential • Ease of Implementation • Creates local markets for materials
1.   Are there other factors or criteria the city should consider when evaluating possible options for this site?
Reaching a goal of 85 percent diversion will take all of us, and it's time to get creative!
4.   What resources do you feel are missing in the region? Click all that apply.
5.   What should the city's role be in providing these resources? Click all that apply.