Large Homes and Lots - Survey #1

City Council and members of the community have expressed concerns about the growing size of single-family homes in Boulder and their impact to neighborhood character and how they may be inconsistent with city goals on protecting neighborhood character, obtaining more affordable housing options and encouraging more energy efficient development. 

For more information please see the “Large Homes and Lots” handout in the document library, as well as the planning webpage

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Home Size and Floor Area

The city currently restricts house size through regulations that limit floor area (square footage) on each lot, lot coverage maximums, setbacks and other bulk plane requirements. Current regulations restrict the floor area of homes and buildings as a sliding scale calculation based on the underlying lot size.

1. What is your opinion of new construction single-family home size in Boulder (particularly in North Boulder)? * required
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2. Should house size be further restricted in the city of Boulder to obtain more modest sized homes to protect neighborhood character, and achieve more affordable and energy efficient housing options? * required
3. Should there be a maximum square footage cap for house size in all residential zones? * required

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Home sizes 2.0
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4. Should the allowable Floor Area Ratio (ratio of total floor area to lot size) be lowered from the current regulations? * required

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Current far

Creative Smaller Homes

One idea to encourage more diverse and affordable housing, is to permit property owners the ability to build smaller homes on their lots rather than one large home. For example, rather than allowing one large 6,000 sf home on a lot, perhaps four (1,500 sf) homes could be permitted to get more modest sized housing not exceeding the floor area that was possible beforehand.

5. Should the city encourage more smaller homes on lots rather than one large home on a lot? * required

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Multiple smaller homes
6. Should other housing types (e.g., duplexes, triplexes, small cottage homes etc.) be allowed in the city’s Rural Residential (RR) and Residential Estate (RE) zoning districts? * required
7. Should Tiny Houses be allowed as an alternative housing type in all residential zones? * required

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Tiny houses
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