November 13 2019

Circular City of Boulder: Community Visioning Event

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Imagine a city that functions like an ecosystem. No waste. No impacts. Self-sufficient. Resilient and regenerative by design. This is the idea of a circular city, a concept that goes beyond incremental improvement and aims for a holistic and fundamental rethinking of the way we do things. 

Circularity is catching on globally and here in Boulder we are also committed to making a circular transition, but we need your help in visioning what this transition should look like and how to take it forward in a way that improves our city for everyone who lives here.

During this event, we will present the results of our work so far, introduce you to some of the exciting initiatives taking place around the world, and then work with you to create a vision for how this can work for Boulder.

If you are unable to attend and would still like to be involved, let us know! We will create a way for you to contribute outside of the event as well.