What features are you assessing for ADA compliance with this project?

    This project is focusing on the nuts and bolts of our transportation system - those features which the average pedestrian, wheelchair user or parent pushing a stroller rely on to safely navigate the City of Boulder. These features include sidewalks, curb ramps, multi-use paths, traffic signals/pedestrian crossings and bus stops.

    What upcoming opportunities are there for me talk with project staff or review the ADA Self-Evaluation Plan?

    City staff is in the process of drafting the ADA Self-Evaluation Plan. Thanks for your valuable input and participation during the ADA Self-Evaluation Barriers Mapping phase.

    Upcoming opportunities to connect with project staff or review the ADA Self-Evaluation Plan include:
       - Join us for the Feb 11th Experiential Stroll during Winter Walk & Bike Week. The event will take place at the Main Boulder Public LIbrary/Civic Area. This accessible event offers a chance to navigate these familiar boulder spaces and places via a wheelchair or hand-bike. Learn more on https://bouldercolorado.gov/goboulder/winter-walk-and-bike-week.
       - Attend the upcoming Spring 2020 ADA Plan Community Open House to review the ADA Self-Evaluation Plan and talk with the project team (see the Key Dates box above for details as they are announced)
       - Email Jenny Godwin, Transportation Planner at godwinj@bouldercolorado.gov with any specific feedback or questions you have.